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About Backshore

My name is Adam Hogan and I am an avid naturalist and waterman from Brevard County, Florida. These two interests greatly influence my photography as does the low, sandy, and water logged peninsula I come from. You are never far from a body of water in Florida. The ubiquity of salt and fresh water inspires me to explore its never-ending coastline and extensive interior wetlands. The various moods, colors, textures, plants, creatures, and people I’ve experienced in these places further inspires me to capture them in a meaningful way, to tell a story that occurs within the natural world and just outside of our modern living perspectives.

However the destructive influence of our species on this unique and wet environment is all encompassing. We are now living in a new era in which the natural world has been unscrupulously restricted to accommodate population growth, economic development, and the grid. The immense biological productivity of Florida has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was due to a long legacy of political corruption, dredging, canal building, forming dikes, levees, jetties, impoundments, introducing exotic species, wholesale deforestation, and rampant development.

In spite of these mutilations Florida is still full of natural beauty to experience and more often than not these places are just out of sight. Yet every year thousands of new migrants descend into the depths of the peninsula sending out ripples of development across the landscape further fragmenting diminishing natural lands, plant communities, and wildlife populations. Backshore is a collection of images put together to expose and preserve the story of interaction between the natural world and culture from the edge of land and water. I specialize in shooting landscape, wildlife, portrait, and surf photography.

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